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August 24, 2009
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When Phineas and Isabella were both in their nigthclothes and were about to get into their seperate beds Phineas decided to go to the window, but instead of just opening it, Phineas sat on the window seat and looked over the city like a hawk would watch over the land. Isabella felt awkward watching Phineas so went over to sit next to him, the two sat there for a few minutes silently watching the city, the moon was shining brightly and a slight breeze was making Isabella's soft black hair blow gently over her shoulders, Isabella sighed and closed her eyes.
"Ya know, I've had my eyes on one of the Fireside girls for a while, and I think she feels the same about me too." Phineas said breaking the silence. Isabella opened her eyes, fidgetted uncomfortably and looked down at her hands.
"So, who's the lucky one?" Isabella muttered slightly bitterly. Phineas looked at her and grinned then focussed his gaze back into the night sky.

"You." Phineas whispered. Isabella looked at Phineas, and Phineas looked at Isabella, Phineas moved closer to Isabella and put his arm around her. Isabella snuggled closer to him and sighed happily. Phineas lowered his hand till he could feel her hip bone, and there he left it resting, Isabella blushed and met his gaze, exactly what Phineas had been hoping would happen, so, just as he had planned. Phineas drew her closer until he could feel her breath on his face, then he kissed her, a powerful surge of emotions raced through the two's bodies, Isabella deeply stunned, let Phineas lead, anyway she was loving this. When the two finally parted, they spent a few minutes looking over the city before Phineas gave a yawn.
"I'm gonna get some shut-eye, you comin?" Phineas asked casually, not even showing a hint of embaressment after the kiss, Isabella didn't reply, her body was still recovering from the kiss, so she looked down embaressed because she couldn't speak.
"Suit yourself." Phineas said, and continued to walk over to Isabella's bed, and sit on the edge.
Phineas raised his eyebrows, and gave her a rare smexy grin..
"Sure your sure?" Phineas teased gently.
"Leg's shaky." Isabella said rather shakily herself. Phineas raised an eyebrow.
"Your leg's are shaky, well I wasn't that sure-footed myself, but why didn't you say sooner." Phineas replied, Isabella nodded slowly and quite unsure of what he meant, Phineas could be very surprising at times. So as boldly as any piece of brass Isabella had seen Phineas stood up, rolled up his sleeves and went to where Isabella was, he gave her a mischievous grin, before putting one arm around her body and one under her knees, ready to lift her. But, Isabella resisted thinking he wouldn't be able to lift her, Phineas looked down at her lovingly and gave her a kiss.
"Trust me." Phineas whispered, Isabella temporarily knocked out by the kiss didn't resist, she trusted Phineas and anyway how else would she get to sleep. So Phineas carried her over to her bed, about half way to the bed, (it took a while because Phineas stood on something sharp and yeh nearly fell) the two heard a knock, Phineas froze and Isabella gripped his chest for comfort.

But.. Phineas soon calmed, if he had heard right that knock was his step-brothers signature knock.
"Come in Ferb." Phineas called, Isabella tensed even further.
"What about, well, this." Isabella said nervously referring to Phineas carrying her. Just then Ferb walked in, topless, (hah for you fangirls out there) he raised a questioning eyebrow at the two, and was about to say something then thought otherwise, shook his head and walked towards his cabinet.
"Ya see Ferb's a ladies man." Right on cue Ferb gave her his smexy grin which Isabella had to admit was attractive.
"Yeh but he doesn't expect things like this." Ferb said cooly. Ferb grabbed his notepad and walked to his step-brother.
"To be honest I'd never thought you'd be this brave but, I been wrong before I guess." Ferb said also referring to Isabella. Phineas gently put Isabella on her bed and stood next to his step-brother and smiled.
"I see you've knocked her dead, best go revive her with the kiss of life." Ferb said and gave Phineas his smexy grin and nudged him in the ribs. Phineas put his arm round Ferb in a cute brotherly way.
"You're too good, I can't believe you know this stuff." Phineas said completely stunned because of how Ferb knew what he'd done. Phineas took his arm off Ferb's back, Ferb smiled and walked over to the door.. but stopped and turned around.
"Just random observation question but, does Gretchen like me as in, love me."Ferb said as casually as could be done. Phineas sat next to Isabella on the bed and was about to say he had no idea when Isabella unexpectedly spoke.
"Yes, yes she does." Ferb raised his eyebrows and smiled, but Phineas knew it hadn't been a real smile... I need a good ending and I can't think of one so  any suggestions will greatly help me.
Phineas and Isabella fanfic 05:

Just for you Ferb lovers out there like meh I've spiced things up with him, I hope you likes.

Chapter 01: [link]
Chapter 02: [link]
Chapter 03: [link]
Chapter 04: [link]
Chapter 05: Here
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SaydeeMay Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
What about this for a ending: (Isabella) It's my last few weeks at the Flynn's house and me and Phineas are getting closer and closer each waking hour I'm with him. As Isabella was walking down to the kitchen for breakfast with her mind still on Phineas she saw Ferb walking upstairs. As he was passing her he said in a small voice "He's waiting for you". With a raised eyebrow she walked down stairs. Phineas of course, was down stairs looking up the stair for her every 5 minutes. When she came down stairs Phineas jumped up from his chair.....

And you can work from there if you like it but it's nothing competed to yours good luck 😊
mimiluvyalotz Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Where is number six?????
JaKoB42 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
I am speaking to you from the future!!! And. This. Kicks ass!!!!! Not even joaking (no offense intended) with some editing and some spell checking i would send this to disney or something.
PHINABELLA0985 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013   Artist
make the next part
Ilovephineas Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013
Isabella could have kissed Phineas!Nod 
hashtagchan Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
needs more sex
Kritone Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Student General Artist
their about 10
cuddleskitty Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where's part 6? You totally need one!
kingzabool Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
send it into disney think they will do that as a good season finala or a series ender
gir-lover305 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013
omg YES!!! Perfect idea!
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