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August 7, 2009
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So Isabella phoned her mum for 7 minutes, and chatted about how much she was enjoying it at the Flynns house and what they were doing and stuff like that. The rest of the day passed pretty smoothly after that, in fact the whole week did and there were no more Phineas in Isabella's bed episodes that was because the two were quite nervous. Phineas on one side of it was asking everyone he could think of that might be of help even Perry, about his suspected crush, everyone had a similar answer : Buford said he was blind not to notice and had asked if he'd injured his brain and forgotten half his life. Baljeet said he had no idea about love but he did know that the fireside girls would help him. So Phineas went to the freside girls and asked about Isabella, they said that she definitely had a crush on him but he didn't hear the next thing they said because he had to scarper since Isabella was coming. He was thinking of asking Jeremy but didn't want to bother him, so Phineas decided to go to Candace, but just as he was walking through the gate that led into his back garden he heard talking, it was Candace and Isabella, they were talking about him he could tell. He knew he should'nt listen but he heard one sentence and remembered it that whole day it went like this:
"I know what you mean Isabella he sometimes doesn't notice." The reply to this made Phineas sigh heavily and rethink his life.
"Yeh but Candace you don't understand it's as though he doesn't notice that I'm trying to be, well, ya know there, its as though he fails to notice I like him." At that Phineas heard small little sobs and knew he had to do something about it today, he couldn't bare to hear her cry.
"There, there Isabella it's ok I'll tell him to talk to you later." Candace soothed.
"Thank you Candace but whats the chance he'll listen." Isabella muttered. Candace hugged Isabella gently.
"I bet if he knew what you felt like now he'd comfort you." Candace said. Phineas suddenly heard a rustling of grass he ran, he didn't want to be caught eavesdropping. Isabella walked off to the fireside girls meeting place (her back garden) and found the girls already there.
"Hey Isabella whats wrong." Said the girls, they all hugged her and let her sit down on the comfiest chair.
"Is it Phineas ?" Asked Gretchen, Isabella nodded.
"I talked to Candace and just couldn't control myself, I feel angry and sad at the same time." Isabella sobbed quietly. After the meeting (which was more about Phineas than anything else and, a blurt out from Gretchen that she fancied Ferb which caused a few raised eyebrows and turnings of heads) was over Isabella went back to the Flynns house, great she thought, Phineas will be talking about all the stuff he did today at the dinner table, that was the last thing she needed.

When Isabella got closer to the fence she heard Candace's voice, she froze, was it her, or was Candace shouting, nothing unusual there she was always shouting her mum to come see what Phineas and Ferb built today, but, Isabella could hear no shouts of MOM PHINEAS AND FERB BUILT A....  But instead heard her say something that made her think twice about her anger to Phineas :
"Look Phineas I dragged you out here to talk about you and Isabella and you know that." Candace said quite sharply. Isabella heard a sigh Phineas' most likely. Isabella heard Candace's voice again, only now it was softer and more comforting.
"Phineas, you do know she likes you."
"I realise that now I've spent the whole week asking everyone if she liked me, I know I've been stupid not to see this coming but, you know me, always caught up in some mad idea, I guess I've spent no time with Isabella meaning I never picked up on her liking me, and I feel that she's been left out and if I don't do something now our friendship may be ruined completely." Phineas replied in a tone that was full of resentment, anger at himself, and slight bit of sarcasim. Isabella stepped back, her eyes brimming with tears, she had never thought Phineas would say such a heartfelt thing like that.
"You really mean that don't you Phineas." Candace whispered softly.
"Yes, yes I do, and I will prove it to her, I will talk to her tonight, with no hesitations, I can't bare to upset her the way I have been doing." Phineas replied boldy. Isabella wiped away her tears and mustered up some courage to go to supper, (once she was sure the two had gone). Throughout supper Isabella barely spoke, she wasn't very hungry but she knew it was better than being hungry throughout the night, so she ate her fruit salad without any fuss. Candace being her usual self was quick to pick up on Isabella's quietness, so, after supper when the whole family sat in the lounge either watching TV, or doing whatever else they cared to do, since Isabella was sitting next to her Candace remembered she wanted to ask Isabella something, so she did.
"Hey Isabella you feeling alright, you seemed like, a little quiet a supper." Isabella looked up at Candace and smiled weakly.
"I'm glad your here Candace, you understand me, its, just that I had a lot on my mind and, ok I'll just admit it I heard your talk with Phineas and it just made me feel so, well, I dunno how to describe it warm inside, I didn't feel like supper but knew it would only do me good so I wiped my eyes and went." Isabella replied quietly. Isabella looked up at Candace and gave her a hug, when they seperated Candace reasured her not to worry and that she had done the right thing.
"You know Candace I think he heard our conversation because, what he came out with was really deep stuff, theres no other way he could've really been that heartfelt." Isabella said. Candace nodded and the two sat there and watched the TV until it was 9:00 and Linda and Lawrence announced that they were too tired to stay up and that Candace was in charge until 9:30 when they should all go to bed.
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